Sunday, October 10, 2010

FTP operation of common sense

What is FTP? What FTP functions?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer files on the Internet protocol (File Transfer Protocol). It is for us to each other in the Internet, transfer files and set file transfer standard, provides Internet on how to transfer files. In other words, through the FTP protocol, we can with the Internet, the FTP server for file upload (Upload) or download (Download) and other activities.
For a virtual host users, FTP is mainly used to upload the user's site to a virtual host or web pages downloaded from the host to the local.

What is anonymous FTP?
Anonymous FTP is the FTP server, login, users use "anonymous", password for your Email address you can login. Can be seen, anonymous Ftp is open to any user, but after landing the user's permission is very low, only download files from the server, but can not upload or modify content on the server, it can effectively help site owners of documents or software for Internet users on the downlink.

What is FTP HTTP?
Sometimes users need FTP to download files lasted for several hours, if line break, do not have the FTP server, FTP HTTP can only scratch the retransmission; have the FTP FTP HTTP HTTP server with FTP capabilities allows users to upload disconnected from place to continue driving, thereby greatly reducing the user's worries.

* By what means can FTP operation? What are commonly used FTP software?
(1) can be through FTP software, DOS mode, IE browser, etc. for FTP, most of them are using FTP software FTP management.
(2) FTP software includes: cuteftp, Leapftp,, flashFXP so. Dreamwave, and Frontpage have upload web pages.

路 DOS mode to use FTP
You can use WIN98 MS-DOS mode under. Or windows2000 in the annex to the command prompt, enter
C:> FTP domain
USER NAME: Administrator account
PASSWORD: password
LOCAL file filename
REMOTE file filename
You can upload
Download using GET command

路 FTP commands used
Ftp command's function is to the local machine and transfer files between remote machines. The general format of the command as follows:
c:> ftp host name / IP
The most commonly used commands are:
ls lists the remote machine's current directory
cd on the remote machine to change the working directory
lcd on the local machine to change the working directory
ascii Set the file transfer mode to ASCII mode
binary Set the file transfer mode to binary mode
close to terminate the current ftp session
End transmission data buffer for each hash in the data show a # sign after
get (mget) send the specified file from the remote machine to local machine
put (mput) send the specified file from the local machine to the remote machine
open to connect the remote ftp site
quit the remote machine to connect and disconnect and exit ftp
? Display local help information


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