Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birth of baby mood (angry dolls)

4, combustion doll

- Do not mess with me, but I'm really frustrated with it!

1. As usual, open the Basic file, save as Angry.psd. First, remove the eyes and mouth where the layers, we will provide it another design. Select Face layer, with Hue / Saturation command this layer of dyed red, or you can set up directly after the fill foreground layer.

2. Copy Face layer, rename the mouth, we also use the old methods to create doll's mouth. Mouth filled with a layer of white opaque areas, copy of a copy of the layer after deformation, the two layers with a subtraction method to get the shape we need, the specific process as shown below. (Figure 18)

Figure 18

3. Then of course add the line process. First to the mouth strokes, strokes color is black and width 1 pixel, the middle strokes. Then the new layer, use the Line tool to draw some vertical lines, will put together the layer with the mouth. (Figure 19)

Figure 19

4. New layer, named the Eye, first with the ellipse tool to draw a black oval shape, slightly rotated, with the variability of the lasso tool to select a constituency, to delete the selected area of ellipse, as shown in Figure 20a. Cancel your selection, copy this layer, flip, deformation, move to the right place, a doll's other eye. (Figure 20b)

Figure 20a

Figure 20b

Common sense tells us that people are angry when the pupil to contract, we can use that anger to the full performance of dolls. The process is simple, the new layer, use the ellipse tool, draw a red circle, by copying, flipping and moving the process to complete the production of the pupil. (Figure 20c)

Figure 20c

Now, put together all the visible layers, down to 60% of the size, we have to start making it look like the furious.

5. New layer, named the Fire, to set the foreground color to RGB (255,192,0), the background color is RGB (255,216,0), with the freedom of the Lasso tool to select a flame shape, with the emergence order soft constituency of what the edge of a radius of 2 pixels or so; with clouds rendering filter layer electoral districts, abolition of selection. (Figure 21a)

Figure 21a

Copy Fire layer, application layer in the Fire Motion Blur, angle 0, distance of roughly 90 pixels, with a mobile tool for this layer to the right. (Figure 21b)

Figure 21b

Select Fire copy of the layer, in this layer, we use the layer style to imitate the flame of light and dark. Select slope and relief style, set the style for the inner slope structure, method for the smooth, 250% depth, direction, the size of 21 pixels, softening to 2 pixels; set the shadow angle of -60 degrees and an altitude of 40, abolition of the global light, high light model color filter, color is RGB (252,255,0), opacity 100%, dark tone mode is normal, the color is RGB (255,162,0), 70% opacity; second set texture, we choose the first texture pattern, scaled to 160%, 80% depth, select the RP and with the link layer, the image shown below. (Figure 21c)

Figure 21c

Want to make the flame more mobility then choose the next wave filter distortion filter, random set parameters, the flame will be randomly distorted shape, but before using the wave filter, first included in this layer of transparent regions In this way, the flame shape they are not to be too discrete. Maintain the constituency, with a Gaussian blur filter to the constituency blurring radius of 8 pixels, de-select. (Figure 21d)

Figure 21d

Fire copy copying layer, a copy of the Fire 2 layer opacity reduced to 60%; the Fire copy of the layer's brightness, contrast, 21,43 respectively, to mixed mode to soft light layer. Finally, put together all the layers, the left moving image, and then add a white background. (Figure Angry)

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