Thursday, October 14, 2010

09 'happy to steal food' in 2010 what we steal?

- What 3G applications to copy the 'stealing food trend'

Taoism advocated cautious and subtle ideological content of most of people of doing things. In the past year, even if occasionally mixed with almost concerned about 3G in the domestic market, stir-fried, a considerable number of people to join in the attitude of 3G or reservations. Even so, the various interest groups Rao is not explicitly or implicitly on the 3G waves, the author's enthusiasm remains unabated 3G attention. If you move outside claimed - "Move to change the life", led by the 3G mobile Internet era arrived quietly and thinking of trying to influence people's behavior. I believe this change to explode, detonating the key point is not to enhance transmission rate of hundreds or thousands of times, but in the application of mature content is timely penetrate people's lives - which we knows quite well.

Video phone, mobile search, 3G video surveillance, mobile payment, mobile TV, mobile gaming content ... ... a variety of applications such as shops begin to kaleidoscope of refraction. In a recent opinion on the collection activities of 3G applications, the more users that make mobile security needs, enough to see how people hold on 3G applications with high expectations. 3G services with foreign state to carry out a raging fire, compared to the beginning of the development of the domestic 3G into confusion. Apart from the terminal, user acceptance, content constraints, the business lines is an important factor constraining the development of one. It is understood that the widely used types of business are still in search, mobile IM, mobile email and so on.

2009 "stealing food trend" has indeed a great wave of entertainment at all times SNS social networking with people's nerves, even into 2010, there has been dissipated heat, but it is still retained to create a new round of 'mass movement' of fantasy. Human thinking constantly jump, the result is to guide the science and technology to improve the lives of more intelligent. The lens extends to foreign countries, 3G penetration in the application not only catch up with fashion among the young group, a variety of convenient services such as product discounts, ticket booking, video-on-demand is in people's lives, gaining in popularity.鍗充究鑺辨牱灞傚嚭涓嶇┓锛屼絾瀹楁棬鍙湁涓?釜锛屽嵆鏄敼鍠勪汉浠殑鐢熸椿銆傚湪鏉ョ湅鍥藉唴3G甯傚満锛屾垜浠嫢鏈夋渶骞挎硾鐨勭兢浼楀熀纭??鈥旀嵁涓浗浜掕仈缃戜腑蹇?CNNIC)鏈?柊鍏竷鐨勬暟鎹樉绀猴紝鎴鍒板幓骞村勾搴曪紝鎴戝浗鐨勬墜鏈虹綉姘戣妯″凡杈惧埌2.33浜匡紝鍗犵綉姘戞?浣撶殑60.8%銆傚簽澶х殑鐢ㄦ埛缇ゆ縺鍙戞垜浠3G搴旂敤鐨勬?鑰冿紝涓嶅彲鍚﹁锛岃繖鏄竴涓换閲嶈?閬撹繙鐨勮繃绋嬶紝闇?瑙e喅缁堢銆佺敤鎴锋帴鍙楀害銆佸唴瀹圭瓑澶氶噸闅鹃銆傛墍骞哥殑鏄紝3G鍙戝睍鎴戜滑鎵嶅垰鍒氬惎绋嬨? 4鏈?7-29鏃ュ嵆灏嗕簬鍖椾含涓捐鐨?010 NexCom Expo涓嬩竴浠g綉缁滈?淇″睍鏆–WCC涓浗鏃犵嚎閫氫俊澶т細涓娿?CECC 涓浗浼佷笟閫氫俊澶т細灏嗗洿缁曗?鎬庢牱鐨?G鏉?墜绾у簲鐢ㄦ墠鑳借鎴戜滑鏀惧純2G鈥欒繖涓?儹鐐瑰懡棰樺睍寮?縺鐑堣璁恒?灞婃椂涓氱晫鍚勬柟绮捐嫳灏嗛綈鑱氫含鍩庯紝涓哄埌鍦鸿浼楃尞涓婃柊骞寸殑绮剧澶ч銆?br />
銆??鍏ㄦ柊鏀圭増鎺ㄥ嚭鐨?010 NexCom Expo 涓嬩竴浠g綉缁滈?淇″睍 鏆?CECC涓浗浼佷笟閫氫俊澶т細銆丆WCC涓浗鏃犵嚎閫氫俊澶т細灏嗕簬2010骞?鏈堜簬浜妇琛屻?鍏朵腑鐨凜WCC涓浗鏃犵嚎閫氫俊澶т細灏嗙潃閲嶆帰璁?G涓氬姟搴旂敤銆佺Щ鍔ㄥ簲鐢ㄥ晢搴椼?3G澧炲?涓氬姟銆佸鍊间笟鍔″钩鍙般?鎵嬫満鎿嶄綔绯荤粺绛夌Щ鍔ㄤ簰鑱旂綉鐩稿叧鐑偣鍦ㄥ浗鍐呯殑鍙戝睍搴旂敤銆備綔涓哄浗鍐呬笅涓?唬缃戠粶閫氫俊棰嗗煙鏈?珮绔殑灞曚細锛孨exCom Expo 涓嬩竴浠g綉缁滈?淇″睍 鏆?CECC涓浗浼佷笟閫氫俊澶т細銆丆WCC涓浗鏃犵嚎閫氫俊澶т細涓?洿涓撴敞浜庡浐缃戠Щ鍔ㄨ瀺鍚堜笅杩愯惀鍟嗐?SP鍜屽巶鍟嗗湪ICT棰嗗煙鐨勬渶鏂颁骇鍝侊紝鏂规鍜屽鍊兼湇鍔″苟涓斾繚鎸佹晱閿愮殑瑙傚療鍔涳紝涓鸿涓氬唴鏈?柊銆佹渶鐑殑鍏虫敞鐐规彁渚涙帰璁ㄥ钩鍙般?鏈灞曚細涓撳満鍐呭娑电洊鑼冨洿濡備笅锛?br />
銆??CWCC 涓浗鏃犵嚎閫氫俊澶т細


銆??4鏈?7鏃ヤ笅鍗?3G澧炲?涓氬姟 涓撳満

銆??4鏈?8鏃ヤ笂鍗?鍏ㄤ笟鍔¤繍钀?涓夌綉铻嶅悎 涓撳満

銆??4鏈?8鏃ヤ笅鍗?涓嬩竴浠i?淇?IMS锛孎MC锛孭TN锛孭ON绛? 涓撳満

銆??4鏈?9鏃ヤ笂鍗?浼佷笟鏃犵嚎閫氫俊/鏃犵嚎鍩庡競 涓撳満

銆??4鏈?9鏃ヤ笅鍗?鐗╄仈缃?鏅鸿兘缁堢 涓撳満

銆??CECC 涓浗浼佷笟閫氫俊澶т細


銆??4鏈?7鏃ヤ笅鍗?瑙嗛閫氫俊 涓撳満

銆??4鏈?8鏃ヤ笂鍗?浜戣绠?鏁版嵁涓績 涓撳満

銆??4鏈?8鏃ヤ笅鍗?铻嶅悎閫氫俊/浼佷笟澧炲?涓氬姟 涓撳満

銆??4鏈?9鏃ヤ笂鍗?鍛煎彨涓績 涓撳満

銆??4鏈?9鏃ヤ笅鍗?鍛煎彨涓績杩愯惀绠$悊 涓撳満

銆??鏈細灞曞彧瀵逛笓涓氳浼楀紑鏀撅紝搴т綅鏈夐檺銆傛杩庝笓涓氫汉澹湪www.nexcomexpo.com涓婃彁鍓嶆敞鍐?浼氬墠涓?湀浠ヤ笂娉ㄥ唽鍙幏鍙栧厤璐瑰叆鍦哄埜)銆傚苟娆㈣繋骞垮ぇ涓撲笟璇昏?鍜岃浼楁彁鍑哄浼氬睍璁锛屽舰寮忕瓑鏂归潰鐨勫缓璁?鎰忚閲囩撼鑰呭皢鑾峰緱绮剧編绀煎搧銆?br />
銆??鏈夋剰浠ュ弬灞曟垨鍙戣█褰㈠紡杩涜瀹d紶鐨勮繍钀ュ晢锛孲P, 鍘傚晢鎴栨笭閬擄紝璇疯仈绯伙細; 鐢佃瘽锛?10 82212911;021 51701588.


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