Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 Image Sharpening novice Collection 28

Amateur DV shooting out of the image often appears rather ambiguous. Ambiguous reasons jitter, poor camera image quality, climate, etc. ... ... In short, will always have the image blurred. VEGAS 4 in use for post-production can be "appropriate" trim these fuzzy, is to sharpen the image operation. Sharpening operation to use any of the following two filters in one:

Convolution Kernel sharpening filter in effect

Sharp filter

To video material in accordance with previous method of adding video effects, can be added directly to the material sharpening filter. But add the sharpening filter directly cause the effect of sharpening the transition, the images may have some traces of mosaics. Compare the following three images.


Where 1 is the original image, 2 is added directly the effect of sharpening filter, sharpening after 3 is the effect of the synthesis. Add a sharpening filter directly in the background and the characters have some relief facial stripes, synthetic sharpening results not only enhance the sharpness, but also to maintain the finish of the screen itself.

Synthesis of sharpening methods described below:

In the new Vegas project to add two video tracks, to sharpen the video material to be added to the two respective video track.

Add the above the video track 1, 2 filters in one (Convolution Kernel filter in Sharp or Sharp filter). Properties dialog box do not have to set special effects, special effects directly close the Settings dialog box opens.

Point with the mouse, video track 1 video material of the upper edge of the mouse the image will become a hand model. At this point press the mouse, pull down, the video material will appear as a blue thread was pulled down the mouse. This is the video material of no direct line of transparency. Hand-type icon will appear next to the opacity value. When the value is 0% of the time, this video footage will be fully transparent, by default the opacity of the video material is 100%. Then pull the mouse up and down to adjust the opacity value. The effect of watching the preview window. Different video images, opacity 30% to 70% will have little effect produces the best video sharpening. Specific regulation can be by observing the time.

Synthesis of sharpening operation is completed. The advantage of synthetic sharpening sharpening effect of the improvement does not reduce the raw material of the color, saturation effect. This is where the advantage over direct sharpening.

Article writing to thank the help of Taiwan V4.

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