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Shenzhen, Hong Kong: forerunner of attitude

By the end of April, Morgan Stanley (MorganStanley) published a report on Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the development of the three ports of the forward-looking forecast boldly predicted in 2010, the throughput of Shenzhen Port will reach 33.5 million TEUs, will become the world's most busy container port, Hong Kong 27.9 million TEUs will be reduced to two throughput ports in the Mainland, the even out of the top three outside of Singapore.

The report Zhayi debut, it caused uproar in the industry. Recently, some people feel that Hong Kong's air cargo industry, as Shenzhen to Hong Kong, "snatch", a better distribution of the major shipping lines will be sailing, hanging sequence in Hong Kong to Shenzhen to Hong Kong, then Hong Kong will be difficult to turn over. "If the 10 berth in Hong Kong did not put into use in Shenzhen to Hong Kong in 2008 will be over!" Shekou Container Terminals Limited Public Affairs Manager Lin Yiping confidence.

Beyond Hong Kong?

Opened a map is very clear and Shenzhen, Hong Kong Island coastline is divided into two, east of Shenzhen Port and Hong Kong is referred to Western Port. Dapeng Bay, Yantian District, next to actually represent the Eastern Zone. The western port area is the pack and play, including Shekou Port, Chiwan, Mawan Port, East Point, and Fukunaga port so the first port, Shekou Container Terminals (SCT) and Chiwan Container Terminal (CCT) basically occupied the western half of the port.

Relying on the economic hinterland of the Pearl River Delta which borders Hong Kong's geographical advantage and Shenzhen to Hong Kong in the past 10 years in the rapidly emerging as the shortest in our history and the fastest growing port. The past 5 years, Shenzhen to Hong Kong explosive particularly alarming. Following a set of data recorded in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hong Kong into a world-class landmark: in 2001 to 5.08 million standard containers in the world, s 8,2002 to 7.61 million TEUs in the record jumped to No. 6,2003 more is 10.65 million years TEU rose to No. 4, 2004, when the Shenzhen Port achieved an incredible time of 13.659 million TEUs, and narrowing the gap between Shanghai and 100 million TEUs.
It was with this series of impressive wins and losses, Shenzhen, Hong Kong has also firmly established its container hub port in South China. At the same time, the industry also began to play a more stimulating and sensitive discussion of the topic: Shenzhen to Hong Kong over Shanghai in which year? Again in time overtake Hong Kong?

Such a sensitive topic for the Hong Kong side naturally feel uneasy and embarrassed. The reason is simple, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hong Kong can not develop without cooperation, if one of the four pillar industries of Hong Kong's container transport industry is the same as the current transfer of manufacturing to Shenzhen, then Hong Kong will repeat the "industrial hollowing out" of trouble .

According to the Hong Kong Maritime experts, Dalian Maritime University, Institute Professor Qian Yaopeng departing introduced the mid 80s of last century, it is accepting a fertilizer, grain, steel and other bulk cargo transfer operations, Shenzhen, Hong Kong before take off. Since then, the Hong Kong port is to focus high technical content, yield excellent container business, an objective to promote the upgrading of the port of Hong Kong and Hong Kong's economic restructuring.
However, access to 90 years, the import and export container business growth in the Mainland, Hong Kong port container handling capacity has become tighter. Shenzhen, Hong Kong Port and Shipping sector saw relatively low capital costs and operating costs, and actively to invest in deep terminal complementarity between the growing role of the port.

In 2003, the Shenzhen port and water transport between Hong Kong, the container throughput reached 2.258 million TEUs, accounting for the data, the total throughput of Hong Kong in 2003 to 11%, even accounting for the total throughput of Shenzhen Port in 2003 to 21.2 %. In addition to water transport other than by land between Shenzhen and Hong Kong port's container volume of immigration is also very impressive, in 2003, and from two heavy boxes and empty the total container volume reached 8.433 million TEUs. "Thus, the development of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hong Kong is very important to support and supplement." Yao Qian Peng said.

In addition, industry experts also pointed out that while some of Hong Kong port cargo handling operations to Shenzhen, but as the advantages of carrying the policy of free port, combined with central nervous system as the port industry, the management center, information center, settlement center at the Hong Kong . In this way, can take advantage of our professional management, well-developed and flexible financial instruments and credit policy, but also can lower costs by virtue of Shenzhen, the ultimate guarantee that the grade of the port, added value and shareholder returns.

Foreign White

Rather meaning is causing great concern for Hong Kong today, a situation that the drama is directed by people of his own making.

In the Shenzhen Port and Shipping sector, or even transfer there is a way of saying: the eastern arm of Port Ka-shing and Hutchison Whampoa (HPH) of the site, while the Western Port is China Merchants Holdings International Co., Ltd. (CMH) of the site. Yantian port area east of Hutchison Whampoa's name and tied, thus forming the name of a foreign flavor - Yantian International (YICT). The western Shekou, Chiwan and Mawan Port, the capital of China Merchants are subject to infiltration.

In Shekou Container Terminals Limited (SCT) of the Administration Building roof, Lin Yiping SCT showed reporters a piece of "cake" of the composition. Pie from the shareholders can clearly see that China Merchants (Shekou Container Terminal) Holdings Co., Ltd. SCT occupies half of a project, Tit Netherlands (P & O Ports) Limited and Swire Pacific Ltd. to share with a works the other half "cake."

But first, the SCT a project this "cake", the "eat" method is not so. December 1988, China Merchants Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited and the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) to establish a joint venture in Shekou Container Terminals Ltd. (SCT), initial registered capital of HKD 75 million yuan, total investment of HKD 600 million yuan.

The next 14 years, SCT's stock transfer several times, to December 2002, by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau for approval, SCT original Chinese shareholder, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation, its 17.5% stake held by the transfer to the British Virgin Islands-registered COSCO Terminal (Shekou) Co., Ltd.; former foreign shareholders, Pan Asia Bank Limited, one of iron, also a 25% stake held by the transfer to the railway line in the Netherlands, the Netherlands registered Limited . After the share transfer, SCT's business nature of the change from joint ventures with foreign-owned enterprise.

According to Lin Yiping introduction, SCT's Phase II by the China Merchants Holdings International Co., Ltd., Tit Overseas Holdings Ltd, Shekou Container Holdings Limited and Swire Pacific Ltd. and other four major shareholders control. China Merchants International 51% stake in a holding position to obtain the other three in turn divided up the remaining 49% stake.

In addition, by the end of March this year, China Merchants International HK 610 million cash acquisition of COSCO Pacific SCT held a 17.5% stake and the corresponding percentage of shareholder loans. After the acquisition, China Merchants International's stake in the SCT a proportion will rise to 50%, the holdings of China Merchants International in the SCT will make a total of three projects in control. In addition to an SCT, the China Merchants International is currently in Phase II and III were 51% and 100% of the shares.

Together with the SCT support from the overall situation of the western part of Shenzhen Chiwan Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (CCT), is Chiwan Wharf Holdings Limited, Hong Kong, Kerry Inc., Haifeng Development Limited (in fact the modern Hong Kong China Merchants International Container Terminal and) common shares.

This year in April, with the commissioning of Mawan 5 berth, Mawan Port in Shenzhen Western concern in the beginning position. Although the scale and the SCT and CCT is difficult to compete, but also the long Mawan port. 1986 by the Southern Oil Sen Chang Group and Singapore set up a private company, 10 years, Mawan shareholders also changed several times. Up to 2001, from south to the oil group, Sinotrans Group and China Merchants Pacific-third of the world. December 17, 2004, with China Merchants Group, the Group entered the southern oil into reality, China Merchants finally completed the re-port on the western part of Shenzhen's strategic objectives.

For this series of acquisitions, China Merchants International President Dr. Fu Yuning said: "This is China Merchants business strategy to focus on the public pier another specific embodiment, will further strengthen our leading position in Shenzhen Western Port, and more for us the western port of Shenzhen operations coordination and management. "

Merchants scheming and gain dominance in the western port area is different, and Hutchison Whampoa to seek foothold in the east of Shenzhen Port heel, apparently without undergoing such a complicated a process.
October 1993, Yantian Port Group, the successful cooperation with the Li Ka-shing, a joint venture of the Yantian International Container Terminals Limited (YICT), to jointly build and operate a port, the second phase of 5 5-ton container berths. The end of 2001, the two sides signed another joint venture Yantian Container Terminal Phase III contract, and has a 65% stake in yellow.

In addition, in December 2004, and Huang Yantian AG together again to form Yantian West Port Terminals Limited. Early in May this year, they came and Huang Yantian Phase III expansion project involved investment news. If you eventually become the case, and yellow will truly permeate every Yantian Port Terminal projects.

Capital and market

"Shenzhen Hong Kong most of the local box is the source of more than 80% generated by the Pearl River Delta." In early March this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Transport Working Conference, Shenzhen Bureau of Transportation Secretary Liu Jiao stress again that this data.

In fact, the influx of foreign capital, in addition to the Shenzhen port construction to meet the large capital requirements, the is still virtually raised the level of the Shenzhen ports management and marketing degree. The industry believes that, because of the Shenzhen ports on both the hardware and software to a new level, just so tight vise, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the PRD sources.

Since July 20, 1994, Yantian International welcomed the first ocean-going container ships "椹+鍩洪樋灏?Jixilasi" issue of the day, began imperceptibly YICT Hutchison received extensive experience in port operations rendering.

Yantian International Public Affairs of Hui-Min Du is very proud to tell reporters: "Our customs reform and the results are remarkable overseas traffic has smooth, efficient operation is also world-class!" According to Hui-Min Du introduced following last year's July 23 launch of a concentrated inspection , risk management, import and export declarations and other pre-measures, customs reform to speed. This year in January, Yantian District, Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau took the lead in the opening of the Harbour rapid identification system to meet the import of empty container management. "Every year, imports of empty containers Yantian Port container volume accounted for 70% of imports, the system enables non-infected areas of empty containers from the port residence time of 2-3 days to 1-2 hours to achieve the entry empty effective supervision of the fast track. "

March, Yantian District, they were pre-declaration of import containers launched to improve the international transfer process, carried out a number of specific measures within the Extension. Mashijihai Luhua Nan Hu, General Manager, Operations Wing applauded the community: "This initiative actively adapt to the requirements of modern logistics efficiency, simplify procedures for international transit operations and improve international transit speed."

At the same time, Yantian International also launched from 2002 to Six Sigma as the core of the process innovation (PII). Every year around the launch of the port handling efficiency of different improvement projects. November 2004, Yantian International quay cranes operating efficiency on the average of 35 first time cranes times / hour, more than the major ports around the world in the 25 to 27 hang times / hour, the average operational efficiency. Yantian International also enhance customer service from the subtle Department has opened a Hong Kong master and gate information hotline, promote the "Hong Kong Express" smart card, providing online container inquiry a number of measures.

In addition, length 11.34 km, 1.7 billion investment in the deep salt is also the second channel to start in February this year, it will be distributing system Yantian another bright spot. The STB incoming branch of deep salt Secretary Zhou Tianlin even after the opening of the second channel cost savings out of Yantian container made a bold prediction: "It saved 120 million yuan!"

April 26, Yantian Port Logistics Group and the world's largest real estate services provider ProLogis signed a cooperation agreement, a total investment of 90 million U.S. dollars build an international logistics park. Next year in September, the operating area from the port is only 3 km away of the logistics park will be opened. "This will facilitate logistics facilities within the port land behind the continuous development of improved, as the Yantian port into a world-class to provide strong support." Zheng Jingsheng, chairman of the Yantian Port Group, which is full of expectations.

In 2004, Shenzhen, about 70% of US-bound cargo, 60% of all exports to the EU goods exports by Yantian Port, Yantian This is the level of international port management and operation of the recognition. April 27, 2005, Yantian International in Hong Kong was "the first freight logistics Award 2005 Best Container Terminal in China" title.

East meets West look forward to

"Foreigners to '= FOB Yantian, Shenzhen', but can not think of Shekou and Chiwan!" Lin Yiping rankled. In his opinion, the Yantian Port, Shenzhen is no longer dominated, SCT and CCT have achieved equal status with YICT.

However, an unavoidable fact that, YICT can greatly benefit from Hutchison Whampoa in the overseas network and influence. This unique condition is difficult to shake a time. To this end, Lin Yiping said: "In mid-June this year, we will work together with the mayor and the city went to Europe and the United States Department of Transportation at 'FOB Shenzhen' Promotion."

According to expert analysis, "FOB Yantian" limited the transport of cargo owners to obtain, and "FOB Shenzhen" is made to the customer more choice. In recent years, the western route opening up ports also have above-average performance, which makes "FOB Shenzhen" calls have increased.

"We made great progress in opening up routes, there are 39 international routes." Although not as Yantian International's 56, but Lin Yiping have been very satisfied. "Our advantage is that routes in Southeast Asia and Japan, while Yantian better route structure, the main routes in Europe and the Americas." SCT same with the western route opening up in the port of CCT is also no less, add 16 routes in 2004 the total to 42.

In addition to opening up routes to make full article, the focus on the reform of customs clearance is also a tireless efforts. "Shekou customs center and the western one-stop service platform for the project has been implemented, the international transit of goods and occasional all-weather fast track into the empty box, network monitoring, paperless customs clearance, on-line tax payment and a series of reform measures are being promoted." according to Lin Yiping say, the speed will be faster customs clearance, the cost will be further reduced, "the overall efficiency more attractive, while the owner!"

In addition to their efforts, SCT and CCT also dredging, open South China Shuttle and logistics park led to a number of aspects of cooperation.

Yantian Port SCT and CCT as lucky, occupy natural harbor without any dredging measures. From Lin Yiping display charts can be clearly seen, large ships often have to enter via Hong Kong, Shekou and Chiwan Ma Wan Channel. "In this way, he must bear the costs of the Hong Kong side, and tug the collection of pilotage fees, and there are time constraints through the Ma Wan Channel." Lin Yiping looked very helpless.

This passive force to unite the western port area, as early as 1993, he resolved to root out the Drum Channel, but for various reasons, delay in the commencement. "Tonggu Channel total length of 15 km with a total investment of 1.5 billion, last year commenced, and is expected to be completed in late 2006 or early 2007." Lin Yiping looking forward to the western access to the sea port to be completed as soon as possible.

"South China Shuttle" is the joint launch of SCT and CCT another hitting hard. According to Lin Yiping introduction, the cooperation project began in 2001, aimed at local shippers and shipping lines to provide a more convenient and rapid economic channels. In 2003, with the "Express" service coverage to the southern coast of the progressive development of the main terminal, "the Pearl River Delta Public Shuttle" will be greatly changed to the "South China Public Shuttle." At present, the South China Express service to the public barge covers to Guangzhou (Huangpu), Shunde, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Nanhai, Foshan, Zhanjiang, Maoming, Zhuhai, Guangxi, 13 ports, and will soon extend to Hainan, Macau and other regions . "This project reflects the public nature of barge transportation, regular and economy, price highly competitive to meet the common needs of all shipping lines."

From this we can easily understand, the Pearl River Delta and South China coastal hinterland adequate supply barge feeder network and the opening of the Shenzhen Western customs environment to further improve the two terminals for the west more than 70 existing routes to provide a good international liner transport service assurance. "South China Shuttle direct contribution to the throughput rate of less than 10%, but was able to attract to its side effects of large-scale liner anchored, such a great impact on our business!" A source said YICT. In fact, It was with this move, the western port routes open up the last two years and more smoothly.

Although not the same as the Yantian port access "zone-port interaction" of the policy advantages, but the advantages of the western port of Land to the east than Port. Thus, by the China Merchants International led the first Gulf Logistics Park inspired his. The total investment of 5 billion yuan, covers an area of 3.5 square kilometers of Logistics Park in 2003 commenced. "One of the 200 thousand square meters will be reserved for regulation, bonded and yard features."

According to sources within China Merchants International, due to positioning errors, the initial planning of the commercial-scale logistics park has been greatly reduced now. "We are a very strong and Singapore logistics real estate negotiations." Appears, the former Bay Logistics Park will be through this cooperation as a response to Stephanopoulos and Yantian.

"We do not compete through price competition." Although the price difference between Eastern and Western Port obvious (cost equivalent to the eastern port in Western Port, 70%), but Lin Yiping, or more willing to see the East meets West side.


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