Friday, July 30, 2010

Production activities yourself menu bar

QQ chatted with friends all its features put it down automatically hide the window, it can make the window look fresh and clean and highly dynamic, the author of a few friends want to add in your own web page similar to the East, through joint exploration found with Dreamweaer can accomplish this, the following us through the production of an active menu bar and see it.

Step 1: Create the menu appearance

In Dreamweaer create a new file, draw a layer in the layer into a table (Figure 1), was modified to the form, then add a menu item and create the hyperlink, in order to remove the hyperlink under the plan line, you can edit the CSS style hyperlinks in the CSS Styles panel by CSS selector to "Link" and "Hover" to "Decoration (decoration)" are set to "None (None)" will "Hover" to " Color (color) "is set to red, and finally set a good style applied to all menu bar (according to" F12 "key to preview the effect).

Figure 1

Step 2: The dynamic effects of menu design

1, the selected level, when the mouse becomes "10" shape, hold down the left button to drag the page top right corner of levels (so that the whole menu bar, but fully exposed on the edge just to move closer to a page boundary), in the Window menu to open time line panel, the selected level, drag it to the timeline, Dreamweaer will automatically generate a length 15 of the animated objects, drag the object in the animation the last key frame to 30, its length is set to 30 . Then in the first 15 Department Right-click the shortcut in the pop-up menu, select "Add key frames" option to insert a key frame, and drag to the appropriate level of position (Figure 2).

Figure 2

In the timeline window, the first 15 are again Right-click the shortcut in the pop-up menu, select "Add Action", the frame to add an interactive behavior, Dreamweaer panel will automatically open the act. Click conduct panel "+" button, select from the menu "Timeline / Stop Timeline", open "Stop Timeline" dialog box, select "Timeline1" and click "OK" button to close the dialog box. Interactions of events for the "onFrame15", action to "Stop Timeline", so that when the time line runs to 15, the animation will stop playing, so to achieve the menu bar resilient functions.

2, using the same method in the time line of the first 30 Department also added a "Stop Timeline" of interactions, thus achieving a menu pop-up function.娣诲姞浜嗚繖涓や釜浜や簰琛屼负鍚庯紝鍦ㄦ椂闂寸嚎绐楀彛鐨勭浉搴斿抚涓婇潰閮藉嚭鐜颁簡涓?釜钃濊壊鏂瑰潡锛屽畠浠h〃涓?釜浜や簰琛屼负銆傞?鎷┾?鑷姩鎾斁鍜屽惊鐜?澶嶉?妗嗭紝浣垮姩鐢昏兘澶熻嚜鍔ㄥ惊鐜挱鏀撅紙濡傚浘3锛夈?

Figure 3

銆??3銆佺幇鍦ㄨ繕瑕佽缃竴涓涓鸿鏃堕棿绾垮仠姝㈠悗鑳界户缁挱鏀俱?鎴戠殑璁炬兂鏄繖鏍风殑锛氬湪涓?埇鐘舵?涓嬭彍鍗曟潯寮瑰洖浣嗕粎淇濈暀涓嬫柟鐨勨?鏍″洯澶ц鈥濆瓧鏍凤紝鑰岃彍鍗曟潯鍐嶆寮瑰嚭鍜屽脊鍥炲垯鐢遍紶鏍囨槸鍚︾粡杩囦簡鑿滃崟鏉′笂鐨勨?鏍″洯澶ц鈥濇潵鎺у埗銆傚姝ゅ彲浠ヨ繖鏍风户缁繘琛岋細閫夊畾鑿滃崟鏉′腑鐨勨?鏍″洯澶ц鈥濓紙瑕佺‘淇濊瀛楁牱鐨勮秴閾炬帴鍦板潃涓衡?#鈥濓紝鍗崇┖閾炬帴锛夊瓧鏍凤紝鍗曞嚮琛屼负闈㈡澘涓殑鈥?鈥濇寜閽紝鍦ㄥ脊鍑虹殑鑿滃崟涓?鎷┾?Timeline/Play Timeline鈥濓紝鍦ㄦ帴鐫?脊鍑虹殑瀵硅瘽妗嗕腑閫夋嫨鈥淭imeline1鈥濆悗鍗曞嚮纭畾鎸夐挳锛岃繖鏃惰涓洪潰鏉夸腑灏嗗鍔犱竴涓涓猴紝鍦ㄥ叾鈥淓vents鈥濅笅鎷夊垪琛ㄤ腑閫夋嫨鈥渘MouseOver鈥濅簨浠讹紝琛ㄧず褰撻紶鏍囧浜庤瀛楁牱涓婃柟鏃舵挱鏀惧姩鐢伙紙濡傚浘4锛夈?

Figure 4




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